Calverton Parish Council has had its offer of £400,000 on a 39.77 acre parcel of land accepted. The land is located immediately to the south of Calverton village. Calverton Parish Council has recently consulted with residents about their views regarding this proposed land purchase and its future use as an open space. There was overwhelming support for the proposed purchase.

The land is located on the hillside, running from George’s Lane to Spindle Lane. It would provide a link between the parish-owned land of the James Seely Park and the well-used bridleway of Spindle Lane, which runs along the ridgeline. The land also borders the public footpath that joins Dark Lane to Spindle Lane. Boundary maps and further details of the parcel of land are available in the Agent’s brochure (see ‘Lot 1’).

  • The Rookery from Spindle

  • View southwest from the Rookery towards Spindle Land

  • View from Spindle

  • View south to Fox Wood from the Rookery

  • View Southwest to ridge from the Rookery

  • View west from the Rookery

Calverton Parish Council has an established strategic commitment to protecting Calverton’s rural setting. Residents have confirmed their wish to retain Calverton’s green belt land in successive local plan consultations. Calverton Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan process found that there was agreement across the community that the open countryside of the hillside should not be lost to development extending southwards, in the direction of Nottingham. This area of land could act as an important landscape buffer for Calverton’s residents for generations to come.

​The land is situated in the middle of the southern ridge area. The importance of this part of Calverton’s countryside is outlined in one of the Neighbourhood Plan’s evidence documents. The ridge area provides a local amenity in terms of its visual, historic, environmental and recreational value. There are Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation close to the land. The purchase of this land could provide the potential to enhance the local green infrastructure, with the opportunity to protect and strengthen existing wildlife corridors and create new ones. The proximity of the land to a well-used network of public rights of way would lend itself to providing an easily accessible area of countryside that could benefit residents from all areas of Calverton.

The reports considered by Councillors when making the decision to submit the bid to purchase the land can be found attached here.

Details of the public consultation exercise considered by Councillors can be found here.

Funding the land purchase.

The Parish Council precept is its main source of income and comes from a small part of Calverton residents’ total Council Tax bill. As the number of houses in the village increases over the coming years, the tax-base will increase, raising the Parish Council’s precept. It is anticipated that loan repayments for the land will be covered by this increased precept, without the need to increase an individual household’s Council Tax.