Proposed Village Housing Extension – 14th September Deadline

Final GNSP poster Augut 2020

Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan – urgent village consultation that could see several thousand houses built from Ramsdale Hillside (Golf Course) to Oxton Road.  No additional infrastructure is planned e.g. new roads and retail outlets etc but extra traffic will bring more pollution, parking and congestion issues.


We need to involve residents, Parish, Borough and County Councillors to officially object to the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan.  The outlined proposals will see the village of Calverton become a town.  The Persimmon development at Park Road to Oxton Road, Dark Lane off Main Street and West End/ Main Street are already agreed. However, there is a County-wide housing shortfall of 60,000 over the next 18 years, so we can expect Calverton’s allocation to be in the region of another 3-5,000.  Therefore we need to object before 14th September to make our concerns heard.


You can read and comment on the Strategic Plan at  If you would like to be involved in the Working Party, please email the Clerk to the Parish on   Please note that a petition will only count as one objection, we therefore need residents to send in individual responses, guidance will be available once the Working Party has been established if needed.

Produced by Cllr L Brown