Volunteer Drivers Needed

Help yourself – volunteer
Time to spare? Drive? Love people? Need a new purpose or new skills? Want to give something back?

Join us as a volunteer driver in Arnold, Carlton & Gedling and help older people and disabled adults get out and about.

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless. We have the cause. You have the effect. Mileage is paid.

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Young Calverton BMX Champion

This young Calverton BMX champion showed his impressive array of trophies and medals at the November parish council meeting. He helped present the case for Calverton having its own BMX track in the William Lee Park. As probably the youngest resident to have ever spoken at a parish council meeting, his contribution to proceedings was very much appreciated.

Calverton Village Hall Available for hire now!

Calverton’s Future Growth

It is important to stress that Calverton Parish Council is not responsible for final decisions taken on future housing numbers for the village. However, it has taken an extremely active role in the planning process; fighting hard to bring down the total number proposed (with some success – the highest figure of around 2,000 dwellings has been slashed to current proposals of around 500 new houses).

GBC has consulted on its Local Planning Document (LPD), which will determine exact housing numbers and sites for each location. Gedling Borough Council’s LPD Consultation ended on Monday 4th July 2016. You can read the Parish Council’s response to the LPD consultation here. The Local Planning Document is currently the subject of a statutory public examination. This is being held at GBC’s Civic Centre. Members of the public can attend. Calverton Parish Council is being represented at the hearing sessions that are relevant to Calverton. It is hoped that the Inspector will make recommendations that the plan should be modified so that it is in conformity with Calverton’s submission neighbourhood plan.

Further details of GBC’s Local Planning Document Examination can be found here.

Calverton Parish Council has no direct control over the matter of total housing numbers and has made representations throughout the Local Plan process in order to try to reduce total housing numbers further and to ensure that the most sensitive areas of Calverton’s landscape are protected. It is hoped that GBC will work constructively with the Parish Council and give proper consideration to Calverton’s emerging neighbourhood plan. The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has been developing Calverton’s Neighbourhood Plan in order to determine which areas should be protected from development and how the development should best be integrated within the existing village.

Calverton Cricket Club News…

Calverton Parish Council’s Chairman, Mr. John Bailey, was invited to Calverton Cricket Club to have a look at the new equipment that has been funded by a Parish Council grant…

NCC Recycling Centres: Register To Use

Notts County Council has brought in measures (implemented from April 1st 2016) to ensure that only those who are eligible can make use of their recyling centres. This means that residents of Nottinghamshire County (excluding Nottingham City) must register their vehicle(s) before they will be permitted to use the facilities. The registration process can be completed online via Notts County Council’s website.

Alternatively, for those not able to register online, NCC have requested that their customer services centre is contacted on the following number:

0300 500 80 80

A detailed explanation of the reasons why these measures are being taken is given in a letter that has been sent out by Notts County Council to all Notts Town and Parish Councils…


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Download: Nottinghamshire Recycling centre (63 KB)


An application has been submitted for a major development on St. Wilfrid’s Square. The Parish Council has objected strongly to the proposals…

The Calverton Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan has been submitted for examination; a public hearing was held on Tuesday 11th July 2017 at Calverton Village Hall. Further information is available on Gedling Borough Council’s website…